The 2 gallon Sun Bucket is a unique portable solar hot water heater that uses a radically new, state of the art method for producing hot water with sun light. It heats water hotter, quicker, and stores it much longer.

Why the Sun Bucket Works so Well

The first thing you need to understand is that the big problem with solar hot water is not making it, thatís easy, the big problem is keeping it hot. If you take a can and paint it black, fill it with cold water, and then set in the sun on a clear day the water will heat up. Only when you come back after the sun has set you will find that your water is cold, simply because your can was not insulated. The second part of the problem is not so obvious. Suppose you take your black can filled with cold water and set it in the sun again, only now suppose there are clouds in the sky. When the sun is shining your water is heating, but when a cloud covers the sun your water is not only not heating but itís cooling off. That means that on a day thatís 50 % cloudy instead of getting water thatís half as hot as you would get on a clear day, you get basically nothing. Thatís the big problem, and thatís the reason the Sun Bucket works so well Ė itís well insulated.

Winter Performance

No solar hot water heater will work as well in the winter as it does in the summer. We tested the Sun Bucket in January at the Indiana/Michigan state line with snow on the ground and an air temperature of only 32 degree. With only 5 hours of weak winter sunlight we raised the water temperature from 46 to 90.

Sun Bucket Performance Chart

This graph shows actual side-by-side performance of the Sun Bucket Solar Hot Water Heater versus the old sun solar shower.

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