The 2 gallon Sun Bucket is a unique portable solar hot water heater that uses a radically new, state of the art method for producing hot water with sun light. It heats water hotter, quicker, and stores it much longer.

Caution - Hot Water!

All solar water heaters (just like the hot water heater in your home) can heat water so hot that it canít be used. The solar showers can heat water to 120 degrees, which means you either wait for it to cool down (but not too long because then you have cold water) or you mix cold water with the hot water. With the Sun Bucket you just mix the hot water with cold to get the temperature you want (just like at a home), then you pour the water into a shower bag or into a pan to wash dishes, or shave or whatever. Remember 2 gallons of real hot water mixed with cold water will make 4 or 5 gallons of water at the right temperature.

Warning Hot Water

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